The Table

An army modelled fighting in ruins need ruins to fight over or they look remarkably out of place.

Flames of war is 15mm scale – roughly 1:100, which whilst great for representing large armies in fairly small space it is not so great for procuring terrain. Whilst there are 15mm buildings for sale they are mostly MDF and therefore prone to warp and even mould.

A better solution than MDF terrain is plastic (and resin) and to this end I regularly buy HO scale buildings to remodel with battle damage to form a suitable table for my army.

HO scale is 1:87, but the large doors and windows work well with figures already on bases 2-4mm thick. They are also far more widely available than 1:100 scale.

For urban games, Battlefront suggest a 4×4 foot table, due to the drop in movement rates caused by the terrain. This translates to a section of city 121 metres by 121 metres – not that large. Ultimately I’d love to have enough to cover a 6×4 or oven 8×4 table.


Warsaw itself did not follow a rigid grid system and that makes it easy to build sections of street that can then be moved around to change the flow of the city.

I have a few factories and smaller terrain pieces, but it’s going to need a lot of buildings to make a decent representation of a large European city – even if the roads in Warsaw are remarkably wide and there are a lot of parks and squares!

During and after the uprising 80% of Warsaw was destroyed, and to that end, buildings are battle damaged. I’m trying to keep facades intact and destroy the sides and rear for best aesthetic:playability trade-off.

The buildings will loosely be based off Śródmieście, the central area. This also contains the medieval Stare Miasto but given it’s narrow streets and small buildings it doesn’t really lend itself to Flames of War. But it might be a nice addition in the long run.


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