One weapon that was successfully dropped to the Polish resistance in some numbers was the Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank – or PIAT.

They can be swapped into the Piechoty company replacing a rifle team for 0 points; and  up to 2 can be added to the Kedyw company for 15 points each. There are a further two in a full-strength Kedyw Assault Platoon. Given the prevalence of tanks in LW FoW; I’ve opted to take a full 6 PIATs in total.


PIAT figures tend to be in British uniform, and this takes some converting to be suitable as an insurgent. 37 pattern webbing is noticeably different from anything the Home Army were wearing, even at 1:100 scale.

The 2 PIAT teams in Krybar are made from British troops, the Warrior Pack Ernest “Smokey” Smith. Other than headswaps from distinctive Brodie helmets to more appropriate headwear they are virtually stock, as the poses hid most of the incorrect webbing details.

The other PIAT figures readily available are French resistance. Whilst suitably attired, the offerings from both BF and PP are prone with cast on bases. This makes them an absolute pain to use with my basing method. It’s a lot of sanding to make them usable and frankly they’re also some quite poor sculpts.


I’ve used one and I’m loath to use another, but I am still short of 3 PIAT-wielding figures. I saw on the BF forum a scratch-built scale PIAT and I briefly entertaind the idea of following that lead and modifying some figures for crew.

Instead I settled for more British figures. Skytrex sell PIAT teams in packs of 10 figures and I assumed I would get 5 PIATs and 5 loaders, but actually got 6 PIAT gunners and 4 loaders.

2017-06-15 009

They are dynamic poses and 3 of the figures are not wearing the 37 Pattern Small Pack that is the hardest item to modify. These 3 will become the remaining PIAT teams, 2 for the Kedyw and 1 for the infantry.


Removing the cross straps, water bottle and ammunition pouches and swapping the head on one PIAT figures produces a much more appropriate looking figure for the Kedyw.

The two Kedyw PIAT teams are now completed with a good mix of clothing and equipment to match the rest of the unit. One is posed very casually, whilst the other is a lot more action-based.


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