Mortars are cheap, effective artillery that the Home Army both manufactured and captured and deployed in numerous types and designs.

If FoW they are available in batteries of 3 or 6 and in either home-built or captured variety. Given that the mortars are looking very good for V4, I chose 6. For 5 points per mortar you can capture a German mortar and negate the chance of having it blow itself up on the roll of a 1. A good plan, I think.

Despite my use of captured rather than home-built mortars,  I intend to model them as the homemade weapon as the aesthetics are better.

I already have 4 mortars & crew; 3 from a pack of Finns I picked up for a steal on eBay and 1 from the FFI weapons pack.


The plan is to add enough crew figures to make 6 2 man teams and then denote the command team by having 3 men on that base. These emptier bases should show off the scratch built extemporised mortars. Spreading the figures should put at least one man holding a mortar round per team.


The design for a home-built mortar is surprisingly complex:

Home-built mortar.jpg

The overriding thing is the lack of baseplate and complicated stand arrangement. Frankly it looks more like a recoilless rifle than a mortar and very tricky to model at 15mm. Luckily, I only have to build 6 and scrutinising the pictures, nothing is square or true.


The side elevations are triangular and they’re joined in pairs by more tubing.  They’ll have to be soldered together rather than just glued. I also need to find a way of modelling the details on the actual tubes.


My soldering is not up to scratch, and pins cannot be soldered so I’ve reevaluated and ordered some thin styrene rod. But as an idea the design is pretty sound.


The other options would be the use of smaller 5cm mortars (both captured German and pre-war Polish), or grenade-throwing catapults made from lengths of timber and truck suspension springs.



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