The “Kedyw Assault Platoon” from the Battlefront army list is clearly based on the soldiers of the “Krybar” unit who made several unsuccessful attempts to take the university from the German defenders.


Warsaw university was well defended and each attempt was fought off with both sides taking casualties.

Their number included many engineers which is why they were able to construct “Kubus” the armoured car and operate it alongside a captured 251 halftrack. Both of which are covered in other posts.

In FoW, the entire platoon costs 150 points including a 25 point 251 – Kubus upgrade. The unit gets to use the German Mission Tactic special rule as well as the ability to assault in the same turn as disembarking transports. The teams consists of:
Command SMG
3 SMG teams (armed with gammon bombs)
2 Piats.

I’ve modelled them in the university complex, where planters full of flowers will contrast with their assault nature.¬†The bases are engraved with flagstones and then have planters added. Once the figures are painted and finished, I’ll find some scale flowers to put in them.

Krybar, minus their vehicles, are 15 figures from 7 different Battlefront products from 5 different nations. They should be good fun to paint as they are mostly Sten-wielding FFI figures. This fits the pictures of Krybar as they seem to be in predominantly civilian clothing but with some pre-war Polish helmets, as opposed to the heavily German-uniformed Kedyw units.

The 2nd command team figure is a cameraman, as I had the figure from the Red Banner set and including a man with no rifle but a film camera leading an assault is just such a good tribute to the men who risked life and limb to document the uprising.

2017-06-12 003

Whilst awaiting my new grey primer, I primed in white and made a start at painting. Krybar wore a lot of blue clothing and I had to go and buy some shades of blue especially. But it’s good to have an entire platoon in the painting stage.


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